Research and Development

“Research without a real foundation in reality is just impossible!”

LÄRMKONTOR GmbH handles research and development projects focusing on noise, noise protection and air pollutants on a national and international level. In doing so, we benefit from our colleagues’ extensive experience, but also from their creativity with respect to the development of new methods and findings. Depending on the research objective, we cooperate with experts from other offices and universities and also coordinate larger project teams.

Calculation regulations and noise prediction

Due to the fact that we have been providing expert reports and have been conducting extensive noise mapping for many years, we possess gained substantial experience in working with common national as well as European calculation regulations. We support the development of new calculation regulations with respect to contents as well as in a consulting capacity and review procedures to assess their correctness, feasibility and anticipated effects as a means of quality assurance.

Noise protection and noise effects

LÄRMKONTOR GmbH conducts research regarding the effectiveness of innovative concepts for noise protection walls, street surfaces or construction elements relevant for noise protection.

An additional objective is the development and the evolution of noise load models. However, the findings derived from exposition-effect relations are also included in other projects.

Software development

Whenever procedures are to be applied repeatedly, or when large amounts of data have to be taken into consideration in the process, it is advisable to make use of computer systems.

LÄRMKONTOR GmbH designs individual solutions for expert software and GIS extensions in the areas of air pollutants and acoustics.

With database-assisted propagation and evaluation models for noise and air pollutants – such as the interactive noise map – we offer a quick and effective way to evaluate extensive measure variations and to conduct analyses.

For the purposes of public relations we develop interactive information systems in which various pieces of information regarding noise and air pollutants ranging from basics to the simulation of planning projects can be presented using images and sound.

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