“What good is experience if you don’t talk about it!”

We have always been utilizing various channels to transfer knowledge so that years of experience and current findings can be incorporated into a fruitful exchange of information. We offer various services associated with the facilitation of conferences, expert exhibitions and fairs. We design and produce printed material as well as conference or exhibition documentations. Furthermore, we develop multimedia information systems as well as expert and project related internet presentations.

Coventions – seminars – conferences

LÄRMKONTOR GmbH organizes events – from research groups with ten participants to conventions with accompanying workshops for several hundred visitors. Depending on our clients’ requirements, we are able to take over all tasks that are associated: conceptualization, invitation of speakers, preparation and facilitation of the event, the production of accompanying material and conference transcripts as well as financial matters.

Exhibitions – audio-visual media – brochures – presentations

It has to be possible to comprehend even complex information quickly. Images, sounds and animation can help when words fail. Therefore, we create and realize multimedia information booths, self-activating demos as well as IT-based user-friendly explanation systems.

Additionally, LÄRMKONTOR GmbH possesses extensive experience with respect to the production of presentations and printed media. We are able to organize the entire process – from the first idea to the printing and the distribution.

Information transfer

A result is only as good as its presentation: LÄRMKONTOR GmbH develops strategies to present research results, instructions and practice-oriented manuals
We also accompany new procedures through the initial model applications, before they may actually lead into initiatives for legislative changes. In doing so, we do not only include the findings by different participants, but also provide suitable background knowledge regarding noise and air pollutants beforehand.