“What’s well done is well worth showing!”

At LÄRMKONTOR GmbH it is our policy to approach our projects in such a way that the solutions we offer for various problems are as related to real life as possible. In order to achieve that goal, we sometimes choose unconventional ways. However, we never lose sight of the costs incurred in relation to the actual use.

In addition, what we have learnt from interdisciplinary project work is that focusing exclusively on the factor “noise” may not actually meet the complexity of the real system of effects. Therefore, we decided to extend our performance spectrum and, depending on the requirements, include observations touching on other field of work into our expert report and feasibility studies.

New European handbook on the integration of noise in road planning

New European handbook on the integration of noise in road planning The Conference of European Directors of Roads (CEDR)…

Expertise on building and room acoustics

LÄRMKONTOR GmbH advises on all topics of building and room acoustics. This includes both sound proofing for internal and external components as well as measurements and predictions of reverberation times as well as speech intelligibility. We advise on planned construction projects as well as on the conversion and conversion of existing buildings.

Noise mapping according to the European Environmental Noise Directive (END)

LÄRMKONTOR GmbH carries out noise maps for small municipalities, for cities, for agglomerations and also for entire federal states within the framework of the EU environmental noise directive. We have been involved in the noise mapping of around 100 municipalities, cities and federal states in recent years.

Noise action planning according to the European Environmental Noise Directive (END)

LÄRMKONTOR GmbH has gathered extensive experience with public participation in the framework of noise action planning. Numerous public events were supported, but also organized and carried out. Over the past few years, we have been involved in the noise action planning of far more than 100 municipalities and cities.

Expertise on Air Pollutants

LÄRMKONTOR GmbH has investigated the propagation of airborne pollutants in large-scale projects in the context of air pollution control, variant comparisons and feasibility studies as well as local hot spots, development plans, plan assessments and construction projects.

European X-ray laser project XFEL
tunnel construction site at “Osdorfer Born” in Hamburg

The German DESY research centre planned the XFEL research facility based on X-ray lasers. The operation of the tunnel construction site is to be assessed particularly critically due to the proximity to residential areas. During construction site operation, continuous sound level measurements and consultations were carried out for the optimization of construction site activities.

Impact assessment for rail-hinterland connection due to the new Fehmarn-Belt-crossing

In the run-up to the regional planning procedure for new or expansion of the rail hinterland connection in the county of Ostholstein, LÄRMKONTOR GmbH has determined the probable noise pollution for different train path variants and train numbers. In addition, workshops and information events were held in the affected communities and cities.